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        Self-improvement and Visualization:
                Practicing Profound Introspection

Facing the Mirror is a powerful book by Mike Renquist about clarifying personal core values and personal growth through reflection. Using the metaphor of the mirror, Mike draws on his education and life experiences as an ordained minister, trainer/coach to guide readers on a path to self-fulfillment, inner peace, and authentic living. Through the exercises and examples described in the book, readers will learn effective techniques for resolving anger, visualizing personal success, exploring and appreciating the sameness and differences between ourselves and others, and much more.

The book is on sale via this website. One can also purchase silk-screened T-shirts and note cards illustrated with the beautifully rendered black ink drawings by Michael Arthur from Facing the Mirror. The original drawings from the book are also for sale. Mike Renquist also offers keynote speeches and group training sessions based on the metaphor of the mirror. Each keynote, talk or training is customized and thereby suitable for a wide range of audiences and situations.

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